12 Best Armenian Festivals in 2022

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12 Best Festivals in Armenia You Should Not Miss in 2022

Festivals consist big part of cultural tours in Armenia. Traditional Armenian festivals are quite popular among locals, as well as among tourists. We made a list of best festivals in Armenia in 2020. Put them on your travel plan before booking tickets to Armenia.

Yerevan Wine Days

Venue: Saryan Street, Yerevan

Dates: May 1, 2022

“Yerevan Wine Days” is a two-day event. It takes place in downtown Yerevan, Saryan Street, where the representatives of the most prominent Armenian wineries offer their products, and local restaurants offer bites for wine tasting.  

Dolma Festival

Venue: Zvartnots Temple, Armavir Province

Dates: May 23, 2022

Dolma is a dish prepared by stuffing grape leaves and other veggies with a variety of ingredients. During dolma celebrating festival different regions offer dolma made by their unique recipe of the traditional dish. Traditional music, songs and dances accompany the event.

The Syunik Mulberry Festival

Venue: Zorats Karer, Syunik Province

Dates: (the dates will be updated) 2022

The “Syunik Mulberry Festival” takes place at the Goris Regional Park. The festival is primarily aimed at making Goris an attractive tourist destination and boosting the social and economic life of the communities around the area. Each community offers the visitors national and regional dishes, primarily the mulberry products, like the delicious mulberry vodka, dried mulberries and doshab (the mulberry molasses).

Yerevan Beer Fest

Venue: Swan Lake, Yerevan

Dates: July 11, 2022

The “Yerevan Beer Fest” gathers beer fans at the Swan Lake, where the leading Armenian beer makers present their best products. During the festival numerous contests are held such as, “The Fastest Beer Drinker”, “The Fastest Beer Drinker with a Straw”, “The Fastest Hot Dog Eater”, “The Fastest Peanut Peeler”, “The Fastest Crayfish Eater”, and many others.

The Watermelon Festival

Venue: Swan Lake, Yerevan

Dates: (the dates will be updated soon) 2022

The annual “Watermelon Festival” is held in the heart of Yerevan, at the Swan Lake. During the event, the watermelon carving specialists demonstrate their skills and treat guests with juicy watermelons. The festival will be accompanied by live performances of the popular performers. The games and various competitions will be organized during the event. The winners will be awarded by the Yerevan Municipality and partner organizations.

Yell Extreme Park Festival

Venue: Yenokavan, Tavush Province

Dates: July 25, 2022

Yell Extreme Park is one of the most picturesque locations in Armenia, nestled in the forested hillsides of Yenokavan in Tavush Province. Visitors can experience horseback riding, paragliding, mountain climbing, mountain biking, and the famous zipline at the Yell Extreme Park all year. But the most exciting time to visit the Park is for its birthday celebration festival. Between experiencing the Park’s activities, visitors can enjoy music performances, cocktail and snack bars, as well as night camping with friends around the bonfire, under the stars.

The Vardavar Festival – Water Fest

Venue: Armenia, Yerevan

Dates: July 28, 2022

Vardavar is one of the most popular Armenian festivals. The word “Vardavar” has two meanings: “The Flaming of the Rose” and “To Sprinkle with Water”. According to the pagan legend, the goddess Astghik spread love through the Armenian land by sprinkling rosy water and presenting roses. This Pagan feast was transformed after the adoption of Christianity: it celebrates transfiguration of Jesus Christ. Starting early in the morning, during “Vardavar” fest everybody pours water on one another as blessings. If you end up wet on this day, do not feel displeased, or show you are offended, because it’s a long-preserved tradition that Armenians keep from generation to generation. Have fun!

Barbecue Festival

Venue: Akhtala, Lori Province

Dates: August 22, 2022

Juicy barbecue, is a great part of Armenian culture. During the festival you will learn all four ways of making khorovats: “The Barbecue in the Fireplace”, “The Barbecue on the Horizontal Bar”, “The Barbecue in the Hole” (shepherd’s barbecue) and “The Barbecue in Tandoor”. The festival will be accompanied by traditional songs, dance, games and theatrical performances.

Yerevan Color Run

Venue: Hamalir Complex, Yerevan

Dates: (the dates will be updated soon) 2022

In the early morning all runners will gather in the Hamalir Complex area, warm-up and get ready for the exciting marathon. The thousands of runners will be doused from head to toe in absolutely harmless bright colors along the entire route, so you will not recognize yourself and your friends, when you guys hit the finish line! There are no restrictions on the timing and rules. However, the first three men and three women will be awarded. The marathon closes with an incredible “Color Festival” party!

Yerevan Music Night

Venue: Charles Aznavour Square, Yerevan

Dates: September 12, 2022

Yerevan Music Night brings together music lovers and guaantees them positive mood on Charles Aznavour Square. Both locals and the city guests can attend a live concert, performed in various music styles and genres, and by the best musicians and singers around. This year, Special Guest for the evening, is the popular Danish singer Tomas N’Evergreen.

Areni Wine Festival

Venue: Areni, Vayots Dzor Province

Dates: October 03, 2022

Each year “Areni Wine Festival” gathers wine makers and wine lovers from all over the world. Here you can try finest wines by top wine makers. Opening ceremony is a bright and spectacular parade of the best winemakers, accompanied with singing and dancing. Enjoy festival games for all ages, Armenian folk music, dances and theatrical performances. Don’t forget a glass of fine wine!

Gata Festival

Venue: Khachik, Vayots Dzor Province

Dates: (the dates will be updated soon) 2022

Gata is sweet bread with many variations of gata, every town or a region has their own version. It can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, may be decorated or left unadorned. Filling of gata may also vary. Join the festival and enjoy the 2 meters long delicious gata and other traditional dishes, and of course, traditional songs and folk dances.