Armeniahospitality.com - Hotels in SevanHarsnaqar is the only hospitality complex in the area of Sevan Lake. Thanks to geographic location and high altitude, the complex has a wonderful view of the Lake and the Sevan peninsula. A one of the two aqua-parks in Armenia is in Harsnaqar, with a magnificently large pool intended for 950 people.
Harsnaqar is intended for sports fans too. Here are a mini-football ground, basket-ball, volley-ball and tennis, courts, conforming to professional standards and free for visitors.One of our unique points is the cottage section of the complex where families can enjoy their holidays. There are 14 family cottages, two-storied, furnished with all the modern conveniences and natural gas. The cottage section has a separate pool and beach intended only for those renting cottage. This section has a striking view of the Lake.

Bars ( in the lobby, Water park )
Rent a conference room(large screen,headphones,computers, microphones, the camera, internet / WF ,and also gives the opportunity of the synchronic translation into three languages .The total number of the seats in the conference hall is 50-60)- Rent a banquet hall;
Scooter (rent, charge per minute)
Walk on lake (pleasure craft)
Sauna (max. 6 people), be charged hourly
Cafe (near the beach)
VIP Café

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