About Armenia

The Republic of Armenia is a sovereign, democratic, social and legal state. The state power is administered pursuant to the Constitution and the laws based on the principle of separation of the legislative, executive and judicial powers.

Official Name:
Republic of Armenia - Hayastani Hanrapetoutyun

Capital City:
Yerevan (established in 782 BC)

Territory and administrative divisions:
29.74 thousand square kilometers 10 regions, the capital of Yerevan and Mountainous Republic of Kharabagh

Average Altitude Above Sea Level:
1,800 meters

Highest Mountain Peak:
Aragats (4 095 meters)

Neighboring Countries:
in the North - Georgia
in the North-East - Azerbaijan
in the South - Iran
in the South-West - Azerbaijan
in the West - Turkey

Official Language:
Armenian (Indo-European language group) is the official language of the Republic of Armenia. The Armenian Alphabet was created by Mesrop Mashtots in 405AD.
Russian and English are widely spoken.

The absolute majority is Christian and the follower of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Armenia is the first country to officially embrace Christianity as a state religion in 301A.D.

3 249 500 (2010) in Armenia and the population of Armenians world-wide is about 10 million (in Russi,a the US, Europe and the Middle East)

Currency unit:
The currency unit of the RA is Armenian dram (AMD), introduced in 1993.
ATM machines and exchange banking services are available. Credit cards (Visa, Master, AmEx etc) are accepted.

Get information about e-Visa in: www.armenianforeignministry.am/eVisa


Medical and Health:
Up to date medical services and insurance. No obligatory immunizations are required.

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