Conferences, Congresses, Seminars in Armenia

It is common knowledge that any business conference or seminar requires a lot of time and efforts to hold. It is hard work for not only organizers but also participants. Our main goal is to provide a convenient atmosphere proper to the format or purpose of the event. Having a huge experience in the field of organizing conferences Armenia Hospitality provides global teams and services through our connections with local contacts. Our team makes adequate preparations for an excellent event including venue, logistics, and media as well as technical and secretarial support. We take in our hands all the administrative work as well as arranging, publishing, ordering food and drinks and modern hotel stays. Our experienced staff is responsible for the event from the beginning to the end.



Events layout, planning and overall conference management Professional conference organization services (PCO) we provide:

  • Venue search and site inspections
  • Travel arrangements
  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation and hotel management
  • Professional guide-interpreters
  • Catering
  • Transportation by modern coaches and vehicles
  • Social events management
  • Incentives
  • Invitation cards (printing and delivery)
  • Preparation of conference materials
  • Technical arrangements
  • Reception, presentations, video and photo services
  • Pre- and post-conference tour packages and excursions
  • Special interests tours
  • Corporate gifts and promotion materials
  • Team-building
  • Air tickets

Have you ever thought of making your conference or incentive travel in one of the oldest countries in the world, the country where Noah’s ark landed! Contact us, visit Armenia and arrange your meeting here!

Trying it once you will be pleasantly surprised with good service, smooth organization, modern equipped facilities and hotels, fresh and national well-known cuisine!!

  • IATA
  • Amadeus
  • UITO
  • Japan association of travel agents
  • Quality DMC Network
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