Why Visit Armenia?

Armenia is a very unique tourist destination that is famous for its ancient cultural heritage and amazing natural attractions.

  • The welcoming spirit of the nation.
  • Ancient cultural and historical heritage and artistic traditions.
  • Architecture masterpieces listed in World Heritage by UNESCO, sculpting that is everywhere in the country.
  • Perhaps best known as the first country to adopt Christianity in 301AD, its history as a nation began more than 7000 years ago.
  • One of the oldest and richest book-depositories/museum in the world – Matenadaran which contains 17.000 ancient manuscripts of Armenian culture and sciences, as well as manuscripts in Arabic, Persian, Greek, Syrian, Latin, Ethiopian, Indian, Japanese and others.
  • Alpine water that has a healing power, one can drink pure clean water from a tap.
  • Armenian cuisine with variety of national unique dishes, famous Armenian Brandy and Wine, Eco Fruits and Vegetables, famous Apricot and Pomegranate, many more with unrepeatable taste.
  • Attractive climate and safety travel.
  • Inexpensive means of transportation.
  • Street galleries, Armenian carpets and unique handicraft souvenirs.
  • Singing fountain amazing show and open air concerts from spring till the end of autumn, you will find the lovely cafes and parks full of people enjoying the evenings and until well after midnight.
  • Much snow in winter and ski resorts in Tsakhkadzor and Djermuk Spa Resort Town.
  • To feel the spirit of the centuries!

The best way to get acquainted with the rest is to visit Armenia!

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