Khor Virap - Noravanq - Karahunj

Khor Virap (Monastery castle) dates back to 4th –17th centuries and offers the best view of the Sacred Mountain Ararat where Noah's Ark landed. Khor Virap is one of the most popular destinations in Armenia. It is the place where Grigor Luisavorich (St. Gregory the Illuminator) was imprisoned for 13 years for preaching the word of Christ. He converted King Trdat III in 301 and the King adopted Christianity as the state religion.

Noravank Monastery is situated deep in the Noravank canyon, and from a distance appears to be perched high on the flat surface of a rock, nestled into a majestic mountain. The main church of St. Karapet was built in 1221-1227. Lunch in the restaurant in Noravank.

Karahunj, Zoraсkarer is 3, 500 years older than England’s Stonehenge and 3, 000 years older than the Egyptian pyramids. The total area of the observatory is 7 hectares. According to the scientist’s findings, a temple consisting of 40 stones built in honor of the Armenians’ main God, Ari, meaning the Sun, is situated in the central part of Karahunje. Besides the temple, it had a large and developed observatory, and also a university that makes up the temple’s wings.

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