Erebuni - Yerevan

October 7,8, 2017

Over the years since 1968 the most beloved and the most awaited city event is certainly the celebration of the city foundation named “Erebuni-Yerevan”, which is held on the second Saturday and Sunday of October.I t is a vibrant celebration with national music, performances, exhibitions and open-air concerts.

Every year it is a kind of synthesis of a long historical traditions and modern solutions of creatives elf expressiveness. This day you can attend the exposition of ancient Urartu cuneiform writings, get acquainted with the elements of the urban culture indifferent out door fairs, become a member of a concert karaoke program consisting of songs dedicated to the capital, get acquainted with the cultural characteristics of ethnic minorities living in Armenia, become a witness of the historic reconstruction of the events dedicated to the city foundation, held in front of the City Hall.

The list of programs can be continued for a long time. Yerevan and its residents celebrate the birthday of the city with great joytogether with the guests of the capital.

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