• Didier Rombaut | Reply
    03 июля 2017

    In 2016 I visited Armenia for the first time as a tour leader of HOBO (Belgium). The country is very fine and has an interesting history. But important for me and the group is also the way our stay is organised by the local company (Funtour). This is splendid: excellent hotels with all kind of accommodations, delicious meals and, also very important, a very good transportation with skilled drivers. The local guides (mine was Arpine) have a very good knowledge of the history, nature, religion,……. and their English is excellent and very clear. Arpine has also a very good knowledge of Spanish. The company is very concerning about the health of the group members because on one of my trips someone had a small problem in Yerevan. Our local guide and even Ms Zara Malayan (Head of Incoming&Mice Department) were taking care of that person. I’m looking forward because in a few weeks I will return to Armenia for the third time this year. In Armenia the people are very gentle.

  • Anika | Reply
    31 мая 2016

    When last year me and my family decided to visit the history reach country of Armenia one of our close friends advised us to use this travel agency(Armenia Hospitality).From that day on me and my family have no regrets of our decision.Our trip was more that fascinating and full of adventures. Just wanted to thank this friendly agency for their work

  • Arale Figuerola | Reply
    12 мая 2016

    My trip to Armenia turned into some sort of a wonderful adventure in the hands of Armenia Hospitality. One my time i'd like to thank them for that! Who wants to spend their summer vacation with a blast then Armenia Hospitality is just for you!

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Our tourists from Belgium enjoying delicious Armenian cake and wine in winery!


They enjoy their staying in hospitable Armenia!

Fam trip to Armenia from Armenia Hospitality!

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